Opening channels #10

I had my interview this week to progress to the next stage of counsellor training.  The first part was a group introduction where we each had the opportunity to talk about ourselves and our motivation for embarking on training.  I’m always really interested in the dynamics of these events and like to test out how I feel about other applicants – these are my potential partners in training and development and I’m always interested in my first impressions and how they change over time.

I try for UPR – honestly.  I push myself toward this end every day but because interviews make us all present a front, I find it difficult to positively value the front others present.  These events often have the stereotypicals too – including Mr Superconfident, Ms Earnestly Compassionate, Ms ChangeTheWorld, Mr Philosopher, Mrs EarthMother and Mr WoundedButBetterNow.  I’ve assigned genders here just for titles but these are interchangeable.  In this session, I met a new one – I’mMakingASpeechUnderGuiseOfAQuestion.

I was fascinated by this person.  She asked lots and lots of questions but these always started with a summary of what had been said – a bit like “Can I ask a question? So you’ve said that there is a placement requirement and that means we will need to secure counselling hours to complete the course and I’m thinking that this means we have to have a placement in order to achieve the qualification.  Am I right in thinking that?”  Every question.  I am honestly going to struggle working with her.

Which stereotypical am I? I have managed annoyingly to be every single one of them at some point – irritating cow that I am.


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