Opening channels #1

Welcome to my blog.

So, speaking personally. I am a lecturer, mother, wife, nearly 50, reluctant runner and training to be a counsellor. I’d like to use this blog to think about what I’m learning as I go through the undoubtedly tricky and challenging process of training. I’m not sure where this is going to take me but I’m sure it will be an experience.

I first met ‘counselling’ when I was 19 and studying psychology. I was fascinated by the idea of supporting people to develop but couldn’t quite reconcile my understanding of people with Rogers’ (1957) core condition of ‘unconditional positive regard’ – I wondered how anyone could be so accepting when people were so capable of doing truly horrible things. Still, I went on into people work and eventually qualified as a social worker.

Over the years I met and worked with many inspirational human beings; Susan, who lived with more than 30 seizures a day but still laughed between them. Jane, who couldn’t speak but could tell you she loved ice-cream. Shirley, who endured the most horrendous abuse in childhood, and loved cats and bubble bath with a passion. Julia, who had severe spinal problems but just wanted to qualify to work in a nursery. (Names have been changed) I learned about the incredible power of the human will and the innate goodness of people. Over the years, from people like these, I’ve learned that Rogers’ concept of UPR has the power to support people to be their very best. Through these experiences, I have realised that by offering empathy and UPR, I can grow too. I think I am becoming a person.

Here and now, I am enrolled on a graduate course in counselling skills with a plan to go on to the Diploma in Counselling and Integrative Therapies. I am a member of the British Humanist Association and am starting training to become a Humanist Pastoral Support worker to work in hospital, hospice and prison. I’m am also training for a half marathon – running, even though I’ll say I hate it, helps me think.

Welcome to my blog. You’ll find thinking, nonsense, odd stuff, reflections and frequent references to my burgeoning love affair with Carl Rogers. I’m getting him now. And I know he would get me.


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